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IMPORTANT: As of January 1, 2015, the OASES will be available directly from Stuttering Therapy Resources!

OASES is being translated into more than 25 languages worldwide. Email
for info.



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I have published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals and more than 110 other articles, including chapters, invited papers, assessment procedures, reviews, and more. You can view my full curriculum vitae by clicking here (PDF file).

Following are summaries of some of my publications that are specifically designed to help SLPs and others improve the lives of people who stutter. Click on the cover pages or follow the publishers' links to order.

(school-age cover)     

School-Age Stuttering Therapy:
A Practical Guide

by Nina Reardon-Reeves, & J. Scott Yaruss

This practical guidebook contains everything you need to provide individualized, comprehensive evaluation and treatment for school-age children who stutter.

Includes numerous treatment goals, assessment strategies, forms, summary sheets, and therapy activities! Written in an accessible style that addresses all of the main concerns that speech-language pathologists often express when working with children who stutter.

NEW: Forms and summary sheets now available in Spanish! Formas y hojas de resumen en español

Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.


(Bullying cover)   

Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter:
A Practical Guide for SLPs

by William P. Murphy, Robert W. Quesal,
Nina Reardon-Reeves, & J. Scott Yaruss

When a child who stutters experiences bullying and teasing at school or in other settings, it can be a very troubling experience--not only for the child himself, but for his parents, his teachers, and even other peers.

Provides insight about how to minimize bullying for all children, not just those who stutter. Designed to be used with companion workbooks for students, parents, teachers/school administrators, this is a comprehensive set of resources that can help you make a real difference in the lives of children who stutter!

Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.

(Young Child Cover)   

Young Children Who Stutter:
Information and Support for Parents

by J. Scott Yaruss & Nina Reeves

Parents of preschoolers and young school-age children who stutter are understandably concerned about their children's communication development.

Designed to help put parents' fears at ease while providing helpful background and understanding about stuttering. Although the booklet was originally written for parents, it provides useful information for SLPs and other family members, as well.

Young Children Who Stutter is published in
both English and Spanish by the NSA.

An online version of this book is available as a course through OnlineCEUs.com - see "Courses" for more info

(OASES Cover)  

Overall Assessment of the Speaker’s
Experience of Stuttering (OASES)

by J. Scott Yaruss & Robert W. Quesal

A comprehensive assessment tool that helps SLPs understand the entire stuttering disorder from the perspective of the individual who stutters.

Available for School-age children (7-12),
Teenagers (13-17), and Adults (18 and up).

OASES measures more than just severity - it provides real-world impact scores and impact ratings indicating how much stuttering affects a speaker's functional communication and overall quality of life.

Available from Stuttering Therapy Resources
starting January 1, 2016.


Until then, order from Pearson Assessments:
In the USA, click here. In Canada, click here.
In the UK, click here. In Sweden, click here.
In Australia and New Zealand, click here

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