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Courses and Other Educational Programs

I have partnered with several organizations to make my training materials available in a variety of formats, including online courses and webinars.

Follow the links below go to the partnersí websites or to access the courses directly.

Premier Education Solutions (PESI)

Offers several webinars on stuttering treatment. Some are always available on their website and some on Audio CD or DVD. Any of these programs can be adapted to your organization's needs, either for live or computer-based presentation.  

Practical Treatment Strategies for Preschool Children Who Stutter (Two-part program; 0.4 CE Hours total)

(bullet)Part I addresses the evaluation and diagnosis of preschool-age children who stutter, as well as the development of treatment recommendations.

(bullet)Part II provides specific suggestions about treatment procedures to help preschool children overcome early stuttering.

Practical Treatment Strategies for School-Age Children Who Stutter (Two-part program; 0.4 CE Hours total).

(bullet) Part I addresses evaluation and concrete strategies for helping school-age children improve their fluency.

(bullet) Part II provides specific suggestions about helping school-age children improve their overall communication skills and guidance about how to address the environment.


"...dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities for all SLPs." Two online programs are available in their archives.

Assessing Adverse Impact in Children Who Stutter Audio Video (0.1 CE Hours)

(bullet) Reviews the importance of evaluationg 'adverse impact' with children who stutter, particularly for school-based clinicians. Available as audio only or audio plus powerpoint presentation.

Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES): Documenting Multiple Outcomes of Stuttering Treatment (0.2 CE Hours)

(bullet) Describes the development of the OASES measurement instrument and provides detailed training about the use and interpretation of the tool in clinical settings.

What Every SLP Should Know About Stuttering (0.2 CE Hours)

(bullet) Provides key information that all SLPs need in order to effectively evaluate and treat individuals who stutter across the lifespan.


Podcasts providing an ongoing series of educational programs about stuttering, with hosts Peter Reitzes and team.

Quality of Life and the OASES with Yaruss & Quesal (StutterTalk, Episode 210)

(bullet) Describes the role of the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES) in assessing quality of life (and other topics).

Research Findings on the Benefits of Self-Help (Stuttering101, Episode 17)

(bullet) Includes an overview of research demonstrating the benefits of self-help / support groups for individuals who stutter.

Risk Factors and Recovery for Preschoolers (Stuttering101, Episode 18)

(bullet) Reviews recent research on factors that affect the development of stuttering, including a discussion of recovery vs. chronic stuttering.

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health and Documenting Treatment Outcomes (Stuttering101 Episode 19)

(bullet)Describes how the World Health Organization's ICF framework can be used in planning stuttering treatment and evaluating treatment outcomes.

Other Courses (email for more information)

Ten Things SLPs Can Do to Help Preschool Children Who Stutter (0.2 CE Hours)

(bullet) Provides a broad overview of the stuttering disorder and helps clinicians understand how they can help preschoolers and their parents get the most out of therapy.

Ten Things SLPs Can Do to Help School-Age Children Who Stutter (0.2 CE Hours)

(bullet) Explained the nature of stuttering from the perspective of the school-age child and prepares clinicians to work with children and their parents.

Evaluating and Treating Adolescents and Adults Who Stutter (0.2 CE Hours)

(bullet) Helps you feel confident that you are providing effective treatment for adolescents and adults who stutter - includes strategies for improving speech fluency and reducing negative communication attitudes.


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