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"Dr. Yaruss presented very helpful info!"

"I am very impressed with his ability to explain and teach."

"I can't wait to get back to my classroom and try all these new activities!"

"For the first time ever, I feel excited about treating children who stutter!"

"Dr. Yaruss is a great communicator!"

"I appreciated the concrete activities complementing each goal or tip!"

"Loved Dr. Yaruss’s humor & presentation style”

"Best use of my educational units in many years."

"I've been to many training seminars in my career - this was by far the best."

"Dr. Yaruss has a passion for helping people who stutter that's contagious!"

"A great speaker, so easy to listen to and so knowledgeable. I loved all the examples and illustrations."

"All SLPs should take this course."

"Best delivery I’ve seen in 35 years."

"I really appreciated Dr. Yaruss’ practical, clinical approach."

"I have learned more during this seminar than any others I have attended. Dr. Yaruss is exceptional."

"He is by far the best speaker I have ever seen."

"This has been a phenomenal workshop. I am going home with things to do, use and say immediately."

"I'm going to recommend Dr. Yaruss's workshops to everybody I know."


Seminars, Workshops, and In-Services

On-site seminars offer many advantages, including consistency of services provided within your organization and significant cost-savings compared to sending individual clinicians to conferences.

Half-day, full-day, or two-day programs provide state-of-the-art training for:

bullet State or regional conventions

bullet School district or intermediate unit in-services

bullet Private practices and clinics

In some situations, seminars can now be provided remotely via skype. This offers even more costs savings because of the elimination of travel costs. Send an inquiry for more information.

Click on the title of the presentations below for overviews, outlines, agendas, and learning objectives:

Practical Treatment Strategies for Preschool Children Who Stutter

bullet Learn to evaluate preschool children who stutter and successfully determine whether and when to recommend treatment.

bullet Hear about a variety of approaches so you can feel confident that you are using appropriate treatment strategies and activities.

bullet Study the "family focused treatment program" (Yaruss et al., 2006) and receive session-by-session lesson plans for helping children develop more fluent speech.

Effective Treatment for Preschool Children Who Stutter:
An Advanced Course

bullet Build on knowledge and skills gained in the Practical Treatment Strategies program to help preschool children and their families achieve their greatest success.

bullet Learn even more strategies for working with families and helping children develop normal speech fluency.

bullet Review more than 25 dialogues for responding to parents' concerns.

bullet Study 10 concrete treatment goals and nearly 30 specific treatment activities that you can incorporate into your treatment immediately.

Practical Treatment Strategies for School-Age Children Who Stutter

bullet Learn about the nature of stuttering in school-age children so you can understand the rationale for treatment and develop individualized treatment plans.

bullet Study a comprehensive framework for evaluating and treating the entire stuttering disorder.

bullet Review specific treatment goals and learn how to generalize treatment gains outside of the therapy room.

Effective Treatment for School-age Children Who Stutter:
An Advanced Course

bullet Build on knowledge and skills gained in the Practical Treatment Strategies program to help school-age children improve their fluency and their overall communication

bullet Study 10 concrete treatment goals and more than 30 detailed activities you can incorporate into your treatment immediately.

bullet Review numerous video samples of me conducting treatment with a school-age child who stutters.

 Practical Counseling Strategies for Speech-Language Pathologists

bullet Learn counseling skills that you can immediately implement in treatment for listening to and responding to your client's needs - regardless of which specific communication disorder they may have.

bullet Address challenging topics such as motivation and other roadblocks to success.

bullet Review a widely used framework drawn from counseling psychology to ensure that you are helping clients achieve meaningful changes in their lives.

bullet Learn skills that you can apply to any disorder, not just stuttering!

(Note: A web-based version of this seminar is also available via OnlineCEUs.com. See the full description in "Courses").

Evaluation and Treatment for Adolescents and Adults who Stutter

bullet Learn to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment for adolescents and adults who stutter.

bullet Review specific strategies for reducing: (a) the surface behaviors of stuttering;
(b) negative reactions by the speaker and those in his/her environment;
(c) functional communication difficulties; and (d) the negative impact of
stuttering on the speaker’s overall quality of life.

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